Must start somewhere, starting here

Last month a bunch of scientists, the best and the brightest, flew, drove, or took the train to Yale University for ScienceWriters2010 sponsored by the National Association of Science Writers (NASW). For any writer with an insatiable interest in the sciences, this is a spiffy event. A person practically trips over the news story possibilities. This meeting in New Haven marked my second journey, a pilgrimage, really, to be with writers and storytellers of all backgrounds bound by a common interest: science is fun.

I wanted to rush home and write, write, write! I sorely missed the thrill of writing for daily newspapers, where I’d earned a living before returning to the University of Georgia for graduate degrees in conservation ecology and health & medical journalism.  Sure, the writing would be fun. But who would read what I wrote? How?

Start a blog, everyone said. Such advice fell on skeptic ears. Sure, I knew about blogs and I had even started one a while back for a class project. But for a blog to be successful, I thought the blogger needed to be mostly famous or part of a larger publishing group. Then I began to have conversations with other bloggers, in particular the writers of A Blog Around the Clock (thanks for the encouragement, Bora!), Superbug on Wired and Speakeasy Science, all of whom had humble beginnings, but who now reach thousands and more readers each day.

So here’s my voice. Here’s my humble blog beginning. Thank you for reading.

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